Sexual Assaulter Trump Pounces And Grabs Brigitte Macron While Judging Her Looks


While representing the people of the United States, Trump grabbed Brigitte Macron and repeatedly judged her looks as President put his scummy sexism on full display in front of the world.



The AP reported that Trump judged Brigitte Macron’s looks:

Trump at one point turns to Brigitte Macron and tells her: “You’re in such good shape.”

He repeats the observation to the French president before turning back to the French first lady, and remarking: “Beautiful.”

Look at the way Trump grabs Macron and pulls her closer to him. Mrs. Macon, like hundreds or maybe thousands of women before, has been cornered by Trump, and she doesn’t look comfortable.

Anyone who has heard the Access Hollywood tape, or read the dozens of complaints against Trump for sexual assault knows that this is how he treats women. Trump’s remarks were both sexist and rude. Donald Trump, or no other man for that matter, has a right to judge a woman’s looks.

In the video above, Trump looks like exactly what he is. The President Of The United States is a man who thinks he has the right to comment on and touch women inappropriately. He is a sleaze and a disgrace to the people of the United States of America.