Trump’s Deputy Assistant Just Made A Massive Slip Up About Collaborating With Russia


When asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper why Trump would give back compounds to the Russians that were taken away by Obama after they attacked the 2016 election, Trump’s Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka said that it was because they wanted to give collaboration with Russia a chance.



Tapper asked Gorka why the administration would consider giving back the compounds, and his answer contained a massive slip of the tongue, “Well, look, we want to give collaboration, cooperation a chance.”

Gorka caught himself as soon as he said it, but it was too late. Donald Trump Jr.’s emails show that the Trump campaign was more than willing to give collaboration a chance. In fact, it seems like Trump has been giving collaboration with Russia a lot of chances going back over the last few years.

With members of this White House under federal and congressional investigation for potential collaboration with Russia, the last thing that any White House adviser should be talking about is how great it would be if the US could work more with Putin.

Collaboration with Russia may have already been tried, and the result is Donald Trump in the White House.