Watch Macron Try Not To Laugh As Reporter Asks About Trump’s Imaginary Friend “Jim” In Paris

Watch as French President Macron does his best to hold back laughter as a reporter asks Trump about his friend Jim in Paris who has never been confirmed as being a real person during a joint press conference in Paris.


Macron is clearly trying not to laugh as the reporter asks Trump about his friend Jim who basically called Paris a terrorist infested rathole of death according to the President. In his answer, Trump trashed Jim’s points and said that France is in great shape because they have a great president who is going to run the country right.

Once again, there is zero evidence that “Jim” is a real person. Jim seems to exist in the same realm as Trump’s press guy “John Miller.” The President Of The United States is being laughed at by the rest of the world because he is bat crap crazy. Of course, Trump took back everything that he, oops, I mean “Jim” said about Paris.

The AP tried to find Jim and came up with nothing, most likely because Jim isn’t real.

The clip above shows that the rest of the world does not take Donald Trump seriously as the President Of The United States.