Fox News Flat Out Lies And Claims Hillary Clinton Was Colluding With Russia Against Trump

There is lying, and then there is what Fox News’s Eric Bolling did when he reversed the facts of the Russia story to claim that it was really Hillary Clinton who was colluding with Russia to get dirt on Trump.


Bolling said, “Instead of pointing the finger at Donald Trump Jr. and saying maybe he’s colluding — a big word, colluding with the Russians — maybe the Russians were colluding with Hillary Clinton to get information on Donald Trump.”

Maybe the moon is made of cheese, and maybe you really can dig a hole the whole way to China.

Fox News is doing what they do best. The Trump supporters who remain on the network like Bolling and Sean Hannity are spinning a false reality that they hope distract their viewers from what is happening. While CNN and MSNBC have covered the scandal in a wall to wall fashion, Fox News primetime has mostly gone out of their way to talk about everything and anything else besides Russia.

When they do talk about the Russia scandal, Bolling’s comments reflect the defense of Trump that some Fox personalities have mounted. Fox News has gone beyond calling the Russia scandal a hoax is now blaming Hillary Clinton for what the Trump campaign is accused of doing.

The Hillary Clinton card expired on Election Day 2016, but Fox News is going to extremes to try to keep the reality of the Russia scandal away from their viewers.

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