Terrible News For Trump As A Connection Is Made Between Russian Lawyer And The President

The lawyer at the heart of the meeting with Donald Trump Jr. got her front row seat at a recent congressional hearing through a Republican lobbyist who is close to President Donald Trump.
The Washington Post reported, “Her high-profile spot in the room gained notice this week with the circulation of a photo in which she looms over the shoulder of former U.S. ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, an adviser to President Barack Obama and a witness before the panel. Some conservative blogs this week have said the photo suggests she had accompanied McFaul and was a Democratic plant. In fact, her seat had been reserved for her by a Republican consultant with close ties to the Trump campaign. Lanny Wiles, whose wife, Susie, was then chairing the Trump campaign in Florida, said in an interview that he came early to scout out the seat and was there at the request of Akhmetshin, with whom he was working as a consultant on the sanctions-related adoption issue.”

There are a lot of Russians flying within close orbit of Donald Trump, his allies, and associates. The Republican Party has either been willingly corrupted by Putin, or they are turning a blind eye and looking the other way. The reality rests most likely somewhere in the middle, as many Republicans have decided that they will look the other way because they are placing party over country.

The terrible news for Trump is that the Russians who met with his son are being placed closer to him. The wall of plausible deniability that the White House is trying to create is crumbling around them. Trump likes to avoid the structure of the White House and relies on his personal friends, so if the Russians are close to Trump’s friends, they are in the President’s ear whether he realizes it or not.

Trump is running out of political oxygen, and his presidency is slowly suffocating under the crushing weight of the Russia scandal.