Trump Shows Signs Of Having A Mental Breakdown Over The Russia Scandal

Donald Trump is now taking unrelated information like the stock market and jobs numbers and trying to use it as proof that the Russia scandal is not real.

On Saturday afternoon Trump tweeted:

Trump’s jobs numbers are worse than Obama’s, and even if they weren’t, the jobs numbers have nothing to do with the Russia scandal. The stock market has nothing to do with the Russia scandal.

The fact that this president is trying to take unrelated pieces of data and draw a conclusion about the Russia scandal is the behavior of a desperate man who is detached from reality.

The worse the Russia scandal becomes, the more Donald Trump starts screaming hoax. The scandal is real, but the United States has a president who appears to be psychologically not capable of living in the real world. Trump’s tweets read like those of a man who is trying to tell himself that his crimes haven’t done any damage.

As he continues to slide mentally, Trump isn’t trying to convince America that the Russia scandal isn’t hurting him. He is trying to convince himself.