Even Members Of Congress Are Calling Out The Stupidity Of Trump’s Lawyer

After Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow had claimed that the Secret Service should have stopped the Russians from meeting with the Trump campaign, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) called Sekulow dumb as a rock.

Lieu tweeted:

Sekulow is going to regret ever trying to make that argument because while rejecting his claim, the Secret Service confirmed that Trump was in Trump Tower while the Russians were meeting with his son, son in law, and campaign manager.

It has gotten so bad for Trump that even members of Congress can’t resist commenting on the stupidity of his legal team. Rep. Lieu was correct. It isn’t the job of the Secret Service to prevent Trump and his family from breaking the law. The Secret Service was there to physically protect Trump. The Russians presented no physical danger to the then Republican nominee, so the Secret Service isn’t obligated to protect the Trumps from themselves.

Trump lawyer isn’t the only person in this scandal who is dumber than a box of rocks. Most of the people who are being investigated have done things that could charitably be described as stupid. A less charitable description would be corrupt, idiotic, and greedy.

It is stupidity, not greatness that has become the defining characteristic of Trump and his administration.