Rachel Maddow Credits Huge Victory On Health Care To Persistent Grassroots Activism

Donald Trump may love to whine about activists that speak out against his dangerous agenda, but as Rachel Maddow pointed out on Monday, the latest victory on health care is one that belongs to the millions of Americans who have persistently spoken out about Trumpcare.

“These protests have been relentless,” Maddow said. “They’ve had a huge victory just tonight.”




Maddow said:

After enduring this face-to-face pressure, this kind of intense pressure from their constituents for weeks and weeks and weeks, both at home, in their home states and home districts, and also at their offices in Washington D.C., the flood gates really did open tonight. They had two ‘no’ votes before tonight. That’s all they could spare. Now we’re up to four. … That means that Mitch McConnell is not going to pass this thing. … This is really big news tonight, but I gotta tell you, one constant throughout this entire process, from the very start, has been how the majority of this country really strongly does not want the Republicans to do this and these protests have been relentless. … They’ve had a huge victory just tonight.

Maddow, of course, was referring to Monday’s news that two more Republican senators have expressed their opposition to the latest version of Trumpcare, effectively killing it in the Senate.


It’s not just the fact that polling on Trumpcare is horrendous for Republicans or that it’s bad policy that would take health insurance away from millions of Americans and cut billions from Medicaid.

Certainly, those were huge factors.

But without the constant pressure put on Republican members of Congress by millions of health care advocates – whether it was staging protests outside of congressional offices or showing up at town hall events to speak out – Monday night’s victory could not have been possible.

As Trump and Republicans look to regroup and find another way to pass similar versions of this dangerous bill, grassroots activists shouldn’t rest on their laurels – they should double down and make sure this type of legislation stays dead and buried.