Chris Christie Abandons Trump, Says Secret Russia Meeting Was “Probably” Against The Law

You know things are going bad in Trumpworld when unpopular New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – a top Donald Trump ally – tries to distance himself from the president’s team.

When asked by a reporter if getting opposition research from a foreign government – as Donald Trump Jr. did last summer with a Russian lawyer – was inappropriate, Christie said, “Yeah, I think it would be.”

Video via Hardball with Chris Matthews:

The New Jersey governor added, “I do think it would be (inappropriate), sure. And I think, quite frankly, that’s probably against the law, Michael, in addition to being inappropriate.”


Not only are Christie’s own ethics questionable – to put it mildly – but he has also been one of the most shameless Trump supporters since last year’s presidential campaign when he marched all over the country stumping for the then-GOP nominee.

To hear him say that Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort likely broke the law by knowingly taking a meeting with the Russians to get damning info on Hillary Clinton is quite stunning given how loyal the New Jersey governor has been to Trump.

It’s just the latest evidence that, as the Russia scandal continues to bury the administration in bombshell developments, more and more Republicans – even those who have been Trump’s most diehard supporters – are doing their best to scrub themselves of Trump before it’s too late.