Trump Decline Accelerates During Incoherent Appearance At “Made In America” Week

President Trump rambled and invented his own false economic statistics as he meandered on about several unrelated topics and appeared to barely come back to the topic during a “Made In America” week event at the White House.

Clip of Trump:

Trump babbled on about signing bills. He rattled on about selling beef in China, which has nothing to do with US manufacturing. Trump claimed that he wanted to bring back shopping malls and retail, which again had nothing to do with manufacturing.

Trump’s biggest lie was the claim that he has created 45,000 new coal jobs.

As Daniel Dale of The Toronto Star pointed out:

Trump also pointed to a new coal mine that opened in Pennsylvania. The mine did open. It had been in the works before Trump became president. The mine only extracts a certain kind of coal that is used in steel production. The Pennsylvania mine employs 70 workers.

The President has created an alternate universe that he is residing in that exists in his own mind. Trump is obviously not well. At one point, he went completely off the tracks and starting jabbering about Obamacare. Trump didn’t make a single specific proposal related to US manufacturing, but he did mention Obamacare at least five times.

Trump is not well, and the White House is keeping him away from reporters in what appears to be an effort to hide his decline.