Trump White House Throws A Tantrum After Healthcare Bill Collapses

The White House reaction to the collapse of the healthcare bill was to spin a series of lies and tantrum at Senate Republicans for not passing the bill.

Here is the White House reaction:

The defection of Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas wasn’t a big surprise. Moran has been signaling for weeks that he had concerns about the health care bill. Utah Sen. Mike Lee was one of the far right critics who was pushing for total Obamacare repeal.

Instead of leading the Trump White House threw out the Obamacare death spiral talking points that no one outside of Fox News viewers, conservative website readers, and talk radio listeners believe to be true.

Four hours before the bill collapsed, Trump proclaimed that they would get the legislation passed:

Trump has zero credibility. The collapse of this legislation is proof that Trump has no idea what is going on, and nothing he says should be taken seriously.

The healthcare bill collapsed and all the inept failing president can do is tantrum over his defeat.

When Trump promised so much winning who knew that he was talking about Democrats?