Demented Trump Rants And Blames Democrats For Republican Healthcare Bill Collapse

Trump is demonstrating that he is clueless about the country he is supposed to be running by trying to blame Democrats for the failure of the Republican health care bill.

Trump tweeted:

The president who is thicker than brick tweeted on Monday night:

Democrats have told Trump at least 6,000 times that they will not be joining in if Republicans repeal Obamacare. Not repealing the ACA is the Democrats precondition for negotiations.

If Republicans repeal the ACA and don’t replace it, 32 million people will lose their healthcare. There are enough Senate Republicans to kill a stand alone repeal bill. Obamacare isn’t collapsing. What is likely to happen at some point in the future is that Democrats and Republicans will negotiate a bipartisan bill that boosts the exchanges and repairs some parts of Obamacare.

People aren’t idiots. If they lose their health care under Trump and the Republican congressional majority, that is who they are going to blame. This president has zero political skills and no understanding of the country that he is supposed to be governing.

Trump’s only political strategy is to keep appealing to his base. The problem for this president is that his base is shrinking by the second.

Blaming Democrats isn’t going to work because Donald Trump’s failure is impossible to hide.