Democratic And Republican Govs Trash Trump Obamacare Repeal Plan and Demand Bipartisan Bill

A group of Republican and Democratic governors released a joint statement declaring their opposition to Trump’s repeal and delay plan for Obamacare while urging that the Senate pass a bipartisan bill.

Here is the statement from the governors:

Trump’s losing on health care, but instead of coming to the middle, his proposals only get more extreme with each defeat. The nation’s governors understand that a repeal only bill would leave them to pick up the pieces after the healthcare system was destroyed. If Obamacare were repealed and not replaced, governors would not have the money to cover people who currently have coverage under the Medicaid expansion so the result would be that they would have to throw millions off of their health insurance.

-The governors aren’t going to take the fall because Trump wants a win. Trump and the Republican majority in Congress are learning that they can’t do it alone. If they want to pass a healthcare bill, it will require Democratic votes.