As GOP Sets Up Real Life Death Spiral, Americans Say Republicans Own Any Health Care Problems

As Republicans grapple with their failure to live up to their seven-year promise to repeal and replace Obamacare, they are considering just repealing. The current repeal bill would be a partial repeal, one that health care expert Larry Levitt of Kaiser says would “produce an actual, real-life death spiral.”

Levitt is the Senior VP of the Kaiser Family Foundation, so he knows what he’s talking about.

Republicans don’t seem to care very much about Americans’ lives. But perhaps their own careers can entice them not to kill people to score a cheap, transparent political victory.

Republicans wanted power so badly that they are willing to look the other way as Russia attacks our country, a country they took an oath to serve and protect from all enemies.

Now that they have this ill-gotten power, all they can do is trip on their own greed, ineptitude, lies, and incompetence.

Seven years of trolling and not a single piece of promised legislation passed.

This is what failure looks like. The modern Republican Party is an embarrassment to its former self. This isn’t about different ideas about government; it’s about using government to enable giveaways to the very rich and to foreign, hostile countries.

Republicans are the drunk, entitled, bratty frat boys of a generation and they just can’t seem to grow up.