Nicolle Wallace Obliterates Chris Christie And Shows Why No One Will Go On TV To Defend Trump

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tried to defend Donald Trump Jr. and Donald Trump, but when he was pressed by MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, it showed why no one would go on television to defend Trump.


Christie tried to defend the Trumps when Wallace pointed out that he didn’t know if a crime wasn’t committed. Christie replied, “You only know what you know.” Wallace shot back that Trump doesn’t know that a crime wasn’t committed. Christie said that Trump knows that he didn’t collude. Wallace came back with, “We don’t know about that.” Wallace asked Christie if Trump had ever lied. Christie answered, “Well, he has never lied to me.”

Christie was asked if a campaign finance violation occurred, and he gave a terrible answer, “I’m not saying nothing happened. I am not saying something happened because you know why? I wasn’t in the meeting.”

Anyone who goes on television to defend Trump is going to get stuck trying to defend Trump’s indefensible Russia scandal. During the 2016 campaign, Christie talked tough about being a former prosecutor and locking Hillary Clinton up, but he was steamrolled by Wallace. Christie got obliterated, and his the smoldering ashes of what was left of his political life are a reminder that defending Donald Trump will not end well for any Republican.