Trump To Humiliate Himself By Trying To Negotiate His Own Healthcare Bill

Donald Trump has called all of the Senate Republicans to the White House on Wednesday for lunch because a man who knows nothing about healthcare is going to try to negotiate his own health care bill.

Politico reported, “But White House officials personally asked for more time to try to reach a deal, according to sources familiar with the matter, and McConnell scheduled the vote for next week. Though the mood was sour in the GOP caucus on Tuesday and some Republicans are shifting away from the partisan repeal approach, Trump is still trying for a deal. He believes he can get an agreement to move forward by twisting arms and negotiating himself, those sources said.”

A president who doesn’t seem to know where is half of the time is going to negotiate a deal with Republican Senators for to pass legislation that many of them don’t want to touch with a 100-foot pole.

The problem is that Donald Trump knows less than nothing about health care policy. He is not a policy expert. He is not well versed in what the Republican health care bill contains. In other words, Trump is going to make a deal on a bill that he knows nothing about.

It would be inaccurate to suggest that Trump is going to damage his credibility with this meeting because he has no credibility. Trump also has no political capital, and the Senators have no reason to make a deal with him.

The lunch will be a total farce that will demonstrate that the idea that Trump can make political deals is a fantasy created by Donald Trump.