Trump’s New Plan To Repeal Obamacare Just Crashed And Burned In Record Time

Mitch McConnell gave the far-right and Trump what they wanted, an Obamacare repeal only bill, and in less than an hour, enough Republicans came forward to kill it.

Republicans need 50 votes to start the debate on the repeal only bill in the Senate, but they have already lost three GOP Senators.

Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio is a no:

Video of Portman:

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine is a no:

Shelly Moore Capito of West Virginia is also a no:

The same moderates who didn’t want the Medicaid expansion killed are also opposed to a bill that is even worse than the repeal and replace legislation. It is obvious that McConnell is going through the motions to appease Trump and the far-right of his caucus.

To the surprise of no one, the idea of putting forward an even worse bill to woo moderates didn’t work. It will be a miracle if this legislation gets enough votes to start the debate, but that doesn’t mean that people should stop fighting. It means that now is the time to fight twice is hard and kill this effort once and for all.

Democrats are one more push away from killing the effort to repeal Obamacare.