After 7 Years of Railing Against Obamacare The Moral Bankruptcy of The GOP Gets Exposed

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi called out Republicans on their latest Trumpcare fail, saying, “After seven years of railing against the Affordable Care Act, the moral bankruptcy of Republicans’ agenda has been utterly exposed.”

After Trumpcare failed to get enough votes in the Senate to even put up for a vote, Republicans are now pushing for a repeal of Obamacare, which is to say pushing to throw millions off of affordable healthcare with no replacement in the near future. There is only one reason to do that – a tax break for the very rich.

Pelosi credited the grassroots activists who have been so active against Trumpcare and for Obamacare, saying in a statement sent to PoliticusUSA, “Trumpcare is collapsing under the tonnage of its cruelty and the strength of America’s families making their voices heard against the bill. But once again, instead of working across the aisle to make health care more affordable, Republicans are pressing for a plan that is even more extreme and destructive.”

“Senate Republicans’ latest gambit would explode health costs, double Americans’ premiums, and push a staggering 32 million people off their health coverage – 10 million more than the last version of Trumpcare. Same as before, Republicans are trying to force unspeakable suffering on veterans, seniors and working families across the country, just to hand hundreds of billions of dollars to the wealthiest.”

“After seven years of railing against the Affordable Care Act, the moral bankruptcy of Republicans’ agenda has been utterly exposed,” Pelosi wrote. “In Congress and across the country, Democrats will continue to turn up the heat until Republicans abandon their assault on hardworking American families once and for all.”

The Democratic Leader is correct, and activists need to keep speaking up, because before Obamacare people were not protected by buying insurance, if and when they even could do that if they had a preexisting condition.

Republicans need to stop undermining Obamacare in attempts to sabotage it in the public’s mind and instead, finally, seven years later, grow from health care trolls to actual legislators who address actual problems in a manner consistent with searching for a solution to said problem. That is to say, Republicans need to stop treating health care like an opportunity to give the rich a tax cut.

The American people are not putting up with it. It’s time for Republicans to grow up and start doing their jobs for the people, not just the very rich.

This failure has exposed the Republican agenda and moral bankruptcy. A health care bill should actually offer health care. This should be pretty basic.

Gone is the Republican Party of ideas; Republicans can’t legislate, can’t govern, and can’t even live up to their oath to put this country first right now.