Desperate GOP Calls Emergency Meeting To Revive Trumpcare And Kick Millions Off Insurance

After the latest version of Trumpcare was killed in the Senate, Republicans in the Senate House are holding yet another meeting on Wednesday to revive the unpopular legislation.

The GOP, led by Donald Trump, simply can’t accept the fact that the American people aren’t in favor of health care legislation that would kick millions off their insurance, make massive cuts to Medicaid, and take away Obamacare-guaranteed essential health benefits.

Tweet via Politico’s Burgess Everett:

While Burgess noted that the “skeptical” senators will be meeting, he also noted that one of the most outspoken opponents of each version of Trumpcare, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, will be absent from the meeting.


While Collins may very well have another commitment, it’s likely she wouldn’t have come around in support of the potential new legislation with or without joining her colleagues. She has been a “no” vote throughout the whole process.

Without Collins, that means Republicans will again have to hold all but two of the remaining GOP senators, which seems highly unlikely.

The emergency meeting comes after the Congressional Budget Office announced that a repeal-only plan would leave 32 million Americans without health insurance – a stunning number that eclipses any previous version of Trumpcare that has been proposed in Congress.

Regardless of widespread opposition to their plans and repeatedly failing to get enough votes among members of their own party, the Republican meeting on Wednesday suggests that the party isn’t giving up on its goal.

This president and his GOP allies in the Senate will not rest until they dismantle health care in America, leave millions without the care they need, and give a massive tax cut to wealthy Americans.

The fight to preserve Obamacare is far from over.

Sean Colarossi

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