Ex-Intel Director Destroys Trump For Trying To Make Russia, Not America, Great Again

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper slammed Donald Trump on Thursday, saying that he is helping make Russia great again by taking a series of policy steps right off Moscow’s wish list.

When asked by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews whether Trump is “helping Russia be great again,” Clapper didn’t hesitate in his response.


In response to Matthews’ question, Clapper laughed and said, “Yeah, in a way, I guess he is (making Russia great again), particularly as Putin gets his way in Syria and if nothing is done to push back on the Russians in Ukraine, yes.”

Earlier in the interview, Clapper expressed disbelief over how the president has bent over backward to give the Russians what they want, despite the fact that they are an America adversary that meddled in last year’s presidential election.

On that subject, Clapper also hit Trump for repeatedly casting doubt throughout the campaign and during his presidency about whether Russia was behind the interference.

“This affinity for Russia is a very curious thing,” Clapper said. “Bear in mind, Russia is an existential threat to this country.”

Ultimately, it’s stunning to hear somebody from the intelligence community – particularly someone with the nonpartisan credibility and gravitas that Clapper has – say that Trump is doing the bidding of Russia and ignoring the interests of the United States.

But at this point, it’s almost impossible to deny, even for somebody like Clapper who has tried to remain above the partisan fray.