MSNBC Annihilates Trump With One Graphic As He Rambles On About Imaginary Voter Fraud

As Trump literally made things up about voter fraud by claiming that people came up to him and told him things, MSNBC debunked everything that Trump was saying with a single on screen graphic.

Video of Trump making false claims about voting irregularities:

Here is what was on the screen for MSNBC viewers:

What MSNBC did above is exactly what every network should be doing when they cover Trump. The President can’t be allowed to lie to the American people live on television. There is no “voter fraud.” The purpose of Trump’s election integrity commission is to carry out a campaign of national voter suppression through federal legislation.

Trump could not make it through his opening remarks to his commission without lying about voter fraud. Donald Trump is still angry that he lost the popular vote, so he is out to rig the electorate in 2020 to make sure that he wins. MSNBC did the right thing, but not allowing Trump’s voter suppression effort to be glossed over. This sort of real time fact checking is the way to prevent Trump’s lies from taking root.

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