Trump Melts Down After His Secret Meeting With Putin Is Exposed

Trump went into a full blown fit on social media, even breaking out his complaint about fake news, after his secret meeting with Putin at the G-20 was exposed.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is intentionally trying to redefine the meaning of secret. The meeting was secret not based on who else was in the room, but the fact that there was no English interpreter, no transcript of the conversation for the record, and most importantly, it was not disclosed to the American people.

When a president holds meetings with hostile foreign powers and doesn’t make any public acknowledgment of them, that president is keeping a secret. Trump called reports of the meeting “fake news,” but he confirmed that the meeting happened by describing all of the other people in the room while he was talking to Putin.

Trump’s nonsensical contradictions while attacking the free press only serve to get him in more hot water.

A good rule of thumb for reading this president is that the more truth there is to a story, the more he tries to discredit the people reporting it.

Trump is supposed to be negotiating a health care bill with Senate Republicans, but instead, he is once again in meltdown mode over Russia.