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Republican Senator Mocks Trump And Says He Doesn’t Scare Anyone

Trump is so weak that a Republican Senator bluntly said that Trump doesn’t scare anyone, not even Senate pages.

The New York Times reported, “A Republican senator, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he wanted to preserve his relationship with Mr. Trump, put it more bluntly. The president, he said, scares no one in the Senate, not even the pages.”

There is a certain lack of courage present in saying that no scared of Trump anonymously, which is a bigger problem within the GOP. No one respects Trump. Republican elected officials aren’t afraid of Trump, but they also enable him by refusing to stand up to him.

Republicans aren’t afraid of Trump, but they are afraid of the millions of dollars of supportive super PAC ad buys that will be dropped on them if they openly criticize the president. The fear factor for any congressional Republican is getting primaried.

It was clear after the Senators had lunch at the White House, and zero progress was made on the health care bill, that Trump has no influence on them. Republicans are playing a game where they pretend like the President means something in public to keep his supporters off of their backs, while they privately treat him like a joke.

Senate Republicans aren’t scared of Trump, but they also aren’t going to stop enabling him.

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