Crumbling Trump Blames The “Fake News Media” For His Making Sean Spicer Lie Every Day

Trump showed that he won’t take responsibility for anything ever, as he tried to blame the media for the fact that sent Sean Spicer in front of reporters and told him to lie every day.

Trump tweeted:

Trump continues to avoid reality or even a whiff of personal responsibility. He was the one who made Spicer’s job so difficult. The reason why Sean Spicer took a beating from the press was that he lied to them on a daily basis. Spicer was the Baghdad Bob of press secretaries. Nothing he said could be taken seriously because it wasn’t true.

Only a person of low integrity could do what Sean Spicer did for six months. When Trump calls Sean Spicer a wonderful person what he means is that Spicer groveled and threw mountains of praise upon Trump.

The problem with the Trump White House isn’t in the communications office. It is with the guy sitting in the Oval Office. A president who won’t take responsibility for anything is a failed president who will accomplish little.

The President can blame the media, but it was Trump who set Spicer up to fail, and it was Sean Spicer who willingly took the gig as Trump’s lying mouthpiece.