The Mighty Hammer Of Bernie Sanders Socialism Is About To Crush Trump’s Obamacare Repeal Dreams

Sen. Bernie Sanders has announced that he will challenge every single one of the side deals that Trump and Mitch McConnell cut with Republican Senators in an effort to get them to support the healthcare bill.

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, Sen. Sanders (I-VT) said, “Today, the Senate parliamentarian made a determination that at least a dozen provisions in the disastrous Trump-McConnell ‘health care’ bill are in violation of Senate rules and cannot be included in this bill without 60 votes. One of these provisions is the “Buffalo Bailout” that was inserted into this bill in order to secure the vote of a tiny-handful of Republican representatives from upstate New York. This is a very important ruling. What this ruling means is that side deals which benefit individual states will most likely be ruled in violation of Senate rules. As the ranking member of the Budget Committee, I will challenge any one of these state-specific provisions. We need legislation which improves the lives of people in all 50 states, not legislation which is geared to obtaining the vote of this or that Republican senator.”

The Democratic Socialism of Bernie Sanders and his supporters has been a powerful force in the health care debate. Sanders was promoted to Democratic Senate leadership exactly for moments like these. He has been able to take his grassroots energy and rally people to the Democratic cause.

If Sanders does challenge all of the side deals that Trump and McConnell cut, he will get them stripped from the bill, and support for the legislation should collapse. The final nail in Trumpcare’s coffin might come from Bernie Sanders, as the pretend capitalist owned by Putin is about to be handed a defeat by Democratic Socialist who has worked his way to national prominence from the grassroots of Vermont.