Opinion: Trump Refusal to Speak to NAACP Reveals His Personality Disorder


Donald Trump’s refusal to speak to the NAACP is not about race as many would readily assume. Trump’s reluctance is centered on an acute emotional frailty. Mr. Trump cannot bear the thought of facing a room full of people who have no intention of standing, cheering and gleefully buying his flawed product.

Trump has carefully cocooned himself with a bastion of moral support. He rewarded those who took up his cause early on in his bid for president. Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are examples of his trusted support system. They rallied around his campaign, embodied his twisted beliefs and for doing so, were handed key positions in his cabinet, whether they were qualified to serve the country or not.

It’s a well-documented theory that Donald Trump is a narcissist. He has done nothing to disprove and has seemingly gone above and beyond, to enforce this belief. Trump’s image of himself is a far cry from his public perception, and it’s this self-portrait that governs his actions. His refusal to speak at the NAACP convention is a testament to his self-delusion.


The NAACP represents a larger demographic in regards to Trump than just the African American segment of society. The NAACP, in the mind of a narcissist, embodies almost 66,000,000 people who didn’t cast a vote for Donald Trump. Trump doesn’t serve those who don’t serve him. Doesn’t love those who don’t shower him with unconditional love in return. Consider that Trump held a re-election fundraiser in June, a mere five months after his inauguration. It was an unprecedented event and an unbelievable revelation of hubris.

At the time of the fundraiser, Trump was already knee deep in scandal. His solution was a return home of sorts. A return to his base of support who giddily and boisterously, echo his cries of fake news, witch hunt and Make America Great Again. Donald Trump’s voter base has been sadly programmed to ignore facts, deride opposition and dismiss reality. His tough talk, ridiculous declarations and anti – social agenda are well received and uproariously repeated, no matter how repugnant the message may be. Speaking at the NAACP convention will afford him no such comfort.

The NAACP Convention would be an event where the title of POTUS would be stripped, to reveal Donald Trump, the man. African Americans represent a segment of society that knows Donald Trump to be a habitual liar, a corrupt businessman, and an unabashed racist. By electing to serve only the interests of his most ardent supporters, Trump has turned his back on those who didn’t vote for him.

Every POTUS since Ronald Reagan has delivered a speech at this event in an attempt to garner support from a faction of political opposition. Donald Trump’s solution to this is an attempt at mass voter suppression. His plan is to silence his opposition by making them irrelevant. If they can’t vote they can’t dispose of his administration. Refusing to speak at the NAACP Convention, is in essence, Trump saying protesters are paid, dismissing the results of the popular vote, taking an elongated detour to avoid seeing protesters at his golf club and proclaiming Russian collusion as fake news.

The psychology of narcissism is defined as extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type. Delivering a speech to a room full of naysayers goes against everything that Donald Trump is. It would be akin to looking in a mirror and seeing himself for the very first time. He would be unrecognizable.

When all is said and done, Donald Trump, by way of his narrow-minded, ignorant and racist outlook on the world, is by definition, a narcissistic coward, who can’t handle the truth about himself and how the world truly views him. The leadership of the NAACP and the attendees of the convention shouldn’t be discouraged. Donald Trump is exactly who we all thought he was and it will undoubtedly lead to his ultimate demise with or without an appearance at the convention.