Scaramucci Is Even Funnier Than Sean Spicer With The Mooch Air Kiss and More

If you were afraid that Sean Spicer’s departure meant no more SNL fun for you, have no fear.

Anthony Scaramucci makes good GIF. Maybe better than Sean Spicer. The new White House communication director is slick Hollywood mobster meets a reality TV show star on the red carpet.

NBC News’ Bradd Jaffy shared a GIF, “The Mooch blows an air kiss to the White House press corps”:

And “The Mooch in one GIF”:

This is a show Donald Trump can get behind. He has cast the part perfectly, based on looks as he is wont to do. The Mooch knows Trump will get health care done because of his really good karma, and he doesn’t feel like he should have to answer if he will commit to being accurate and truthful, because of his body language. You should just know the kind of person he is.

That one didn’t play so well, but maybe if he focuses on things a little less obvious, the Mooch can score a few home run lies for the Big Boss.

Trump finds “the Mooch” to be more his style; he’s slick, he’s got that used car salesman vibe, he seems really good at selling lies, and he does the air kiss to the press corp. This will surely win them over.

Another job well done by President Trump. Let no one accuse the President of not knowing how to read a room.

The Mooch has better GIF than Spicer, though I don’t think we’ll ever see the Mooch hiding between “among” the bushes.

Score another one for the Trump Reality TV show, as the President stocks the White House with wannabe mobsters, criminals, white supremacists and Russian traitors.