Trump Suspected Of Leaking Damaging Russia Info On Sessions To Force Him Out

Republicans are saying that it isn’t a coincidence that damaging information about Jeff Sessions’ communications with Russians was leaked days after the Trump said he wants him out. It is suspected that the leak about Sessions came from Trump.

Journalist Garrett Graff tweeted:

The fingers are pointing directly at Trump for this story because the President has made it clear that he wants to be rid of his attorney general. The suspicion is that Trump wants Sessions gone so that he can appoint a more sympathetic AG who will shut down the Russia investigations.

Trump has used leaking to the press as his method of operation for decades. The damaging Russia info on Session will either force the Attorney General to resign or give Trump cause to fire him. It appears that Donald Trump has learned from Comey firing debacle, as he is now planting the cause for the firing in the press before he pulls the trigger.

Trump demands loyalty from those around him, but if he is behind the Sessions/Russia, it is more evidence that he is incapable of giving it back.

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