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An Off His Meds Trump Confesses To Committing Crimes While Ranting About Hillary Clinton

In an unstable rant, Donald Trump confessed to committing crimes while railing against the imaginary crimes “committed” by Hillary Clinton.

Trump suggested that he needs a pardon:

As Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) noted, one only needs a pardon if they’ve committed a crime:

Trump’s entire legal defense appears to consist of blaming Hillary Clinton:

When Trump claims that “so many are asking,” what he means is that the voices in his head are asking. Donald Trump’s Russia defense is going to consist of blaming Hillary Clinton. Trump is still at war with the fading ghost of Clinton’s political relevancy, because deep down inside he feels that he is not a legitimate president.

Trump thinks that he will find legitimacy by delegitimizing the person that got the most presidential votes.

Donald Trump is off his meds and cornered. The White House didn’t need a new communications director. The White House needs men in white coats to come and collect the President.

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