Mentally Unstable Trump Whines And Blames Democrats For Failed GOP Health Care Plan

Donald Trump ended an early-morning social media meltdown on Saturday by complaining about the GOP failure to pass their unpopular health care legislation and – big surprise – blaming the Democrats.

With a straight face, Trump said the Democrats have “no ideas or votes” and have offered only “obstruction.”


First of all, unlike what this president repeatedly says, the Affordable Care Act is not “dead” and it’s certainly not in a “death spiral.”

As PolitiFact has recently, and so many credible fact-checkers and news organizations have pointed out, “The CBO and other independent analyses have found the health care system to be stable.”

In fact, even the things that Republicans have pounced on, like premium increases and insurers pulling out of some marketplaces, have been caused by the

Secondly, the Democratic Party – led by President Barack Obama – spent months working to pass the Affordable Care Act, a set of ideas and reforms that have provided coverage to millions of Americans.

That was their idea and their achievement. Working to protect that, as Democrats are now trying to do, does not make them obstructionists and it certainly doesn’t mean they don’t have any ideas.

It means they don’t want to see a law that’s saving lives go up in flames just because Trump and his Republican allies in Congress want to check a box on their list of campaign-season promises.

What Trump’s Saturday morning implosion does show is that this is a President of the United States who is unwilling or unable to accept criticism or responsibility for his own failures. Instead of doing his job, he takes to social media to whine about how hard it is.