Trump’s Communications Director Blabs And Admits Trump Discussed Pardoning Himself

Trump’s new communications director can’t stop blabbing about his private conversations with the President, as Anthony Scaramucci admitted on national television that Trump discussed pardoning himself in the White House.


Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

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WALLACE: Let me ask you one last Russia question, then I want to talk about agenda.

In a tweet this week, the president said this, this weekend. He asserted his complete power to pardon.

Question: if he and his people have done nothing wrong, why even talk about pardons?

SCARAMUCCI: See, this is one — again, this is one of those things about Washington and it’s the convolution and the nature of the things. I’m in the Oval Office with the president last week, we’re talking about that. He brought that up, he said but he doesn’t have to be pardoned. There’s nobody around him that has to be pardoned. He was just making the statement about the power of pardons.

And so, now, all of the speculation and all the spin and oh, he’s going to pardon himself and do all this other nonsense — the president does not need to pardon himself.

And the reason that he doesn’t need to pardon himself is he hasn’t done anything wrong.

It was all innocent. Trump was just hanging out in the White House, and being the policy wonk that he is, he began to hold an in-depth discussion about pardons. The discussion about pardons was completely unrelated to the news that Trump’s finances are being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller.

The official White House line is that Trump never discussed pardons, so here comes Scaramucci for the second time in the same day to contradict the White House and disclose a private conversation with the President on television.

It may seem hard to believe, but Trump has managed to make his communications team even worse than it was before Sean Spicer quit.

Scaramucci is not the answer unless the question is who is the communications director who is most likely to get Trump indicted or impeached?

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