Adam Schiff Puts Trump In His Place With Perfect Response To His Sleazy Personal Attack

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) responded to Trump’s childish attack on him perfectly.

Trump attacked Schiff:

Rep. Schiff tweeted:

Schiff was correct. The problem isn’t how much Schiff is on television, but the fact that the President Of The United States watches more TV than a shut-in. Trump should be leading the country, not planted on the couch riding an emotional roller coaster while flipping between Fox News and CNN, with a dash of Morning Joe on the side.

Rep. Schiff didn’t play Trump’s game and take the bait. Instead, he hit Trump right in the ego by suggesting that his behavior was beneath the dignity of the presidency.

Schiff’s response was perfect on multiple levels. Donald Trump was put in his place in the classiest way possible by a congressional investigator who isn’t going to stop until he gets to the facts on the Russia scandal.