John McCain Is Trying To Get Doctor Approval To Come To DC And Take Your Healthcare Away

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) who is battling brain cancer is trying to get doctors to approve him for travel so that he can come to Washington, DC tomorrow to vote to take healthcare away from 32 million Americans.

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Manu Raju of CNN tweeted:

Senate Republicans see how bad this looks to the rest of America, and they don’t care. Without McCain, the bill is doomed to certain defeat. With McCain, the bill is still likely to go down, but it will have a fighting chance of survival, which is more than the 32 million who will lose their health care will have if this bill passes.

For those who were expecting that McCain might grow a conscience, and he is fighting for his life, guess again. John McCain will still have great health care even after he votes to take yours away, so the message is clear.

John McCain is flipping a big middle finger to the rest of the country that will pay more for less if they still have healthcare after the Republicans are done.

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