Lawsuit May Force Trump To Disclose If He Has Had Treatment For Psychological Problems

As part of a lawsuit filed by protesters against Trump for inciting violence during the 2016 campaign, the plaintiffs want Trump to turn over documentation related to any psychological treatment that he has undergone.

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Politico reported,

From the moment Plaintiffs filed their Complaint, it has been clear that their primary objective has been to use the court system and the discovery process to inflict maximum political damage on President Trump,” Trump’s attorneys wrote. They dismissed as “clearly irrelevant” the request for the tax returns and another request for the identities “of all medical providers from whom Trump has sought or received any psychological and/or psychiatric and/or mental health treatment or counseling.

The most damaging request in the lawsuit isn’t related to Trump’s tax returns. There are enough investigations and lawsuits against the President to make sure that those come out eventually. The real potential for damage is the request for records related to Trump’s mental health. There has been an increasingly large volume of reporting from within the White House about Trump’s mental state.

If it were ever to be proven that the President has any mental health issues, it could be grounds for his removal from office, but more likely, it would doom any potential Trump reelection bid in 2020.

Trump has shown signs of at best not being physically and mentally able to keep up with the job of being president. At his worst, Donald Trump has shown signs of mental illness.

It might be up to the courts to give the American people the information on his health that Trump has been working hard to hide.

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