Watch A Completely Deranged Trump Rant At Boy Scouts About Repealing Obamacare

President Donald Trump attended the Scout Jamboree where he ranted at the scouts about repealing Obamacare, and why Republicans had better pass his bill.

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Trump introduced HHS Secretary Tom Price and said, “Hopefully, he’s going to get the votes tomorrow to start our path toward killing this horrible thing known as Obamacare that’s really hurting us.”

The President brought Price up on stage and said, “By the way, you gonna get the votes. He better get ’em. He better get ’em. Otherwise, I’ll say Tom, you’re fired. I’ll get somebody. I’ll get someone. Better get Sen. Capito to vote for it. Better get the other Senators to vote for it. It’s time. You know, after seven years of saying repeal and replace Obamacare, they have a chance to now do it. They better do it. Hopefully, they’ll do it.”

Trump also appeared to think that he was back in the 2016 campaign as talked about the TV cameras and brought out that old Trump attack on the television networks for not showing the size of the crowd.

President Trump sounded unhinged, as he at one point used profanity while speaking to the Scouts, and he acted like he was back on the campaign. Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have the slightest clue what is going on around him.

This president is not well, and watching him act like the Scout Jamboree was a campaign rally was a disturbing sight.

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