Democrats Are Looking For Ways To Block Senate Recess So Trump Can’t Replace Jeff Sessions

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said that Democrats are looking at ways to prevent the Senate from going into full August recess to prevent Trump from replacing Jeff Sessions and stopping the Russia investigation.


Durbin was asked by Melber how Democrats would stop the Senate from going into full recess. He answered, “We’re exploring the ways right now….I think I’ve told you as much as I can tell you right now, but the idea that this president would use the August recess to stop the investigation into the Russian impact on the election and his campaign is unacceptable.”

If Trump is even thinking about firing Sessions and using a recess appointment to appoint a Rudy Giuliani or Ted Cruz who would kill the Russia investigation by firing special counsel Robert Mueller, he had better think again. Democrats are already three steps ahead of him.

Everybody knows why Trump wants Sessions gone, and Democrats aren’t going to allow the President to close down the Russia investigation by allowing the Senate to leave town. It is not happening, so Trump better think of another plan.

Democrats are going to all they can to keep the Senate in session and teach Trump that no person is above the law.