Republicans Fall Apart As Lindsey Graham Defends Jeff Sessions From Trump Attacks

It’s starting. Republicans are slowly pulling away from Donald Trump as he flaunts his disrespect for the rule of law.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham called Trump suggesting an investigation into Hillary Clinton “highly inappropriate.”

Trump refereed to Sessions in a tweet as “our beleaguered A.G.”

The Republican president is mad at Sessions for recusing himself on the Russia/Trump investigation. Trump said he would not have appointed Sessions as A.G. if had known he would recuse himself on the Russia investigation.

Trump’s bizarre behavior birthed a small miracle in that it caused some conservative pundits to admit that it might not actually be the best move to attack Sessions. Tucker Carlson called attacking Sessions a “useless, self destructive act.”

As Trump turns his crazy vitriol and demands for never-ending loyalty to himself, even when it means violating rules of law and norms, he’s turning the same hatred he aimed at Clinton and Democrats on to conservatives.

This is significant because it might be a sign of hope that Republicans will find a patriotic backbone if Trump tries to fire Mueller.

If conservatives continue to refuse to accept everything Trump does unconditionally, they will find themselves labeled “Fake news” faster than Trump can fire off a tweet laden with misspelled conspiracies.

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to realize that his “demonize Hillary” line only worked while he was campaigning. The buck stops with him now, and pointing fingers at his political opponent won’t save him.