Trump Flips Out And Uses Fake News From Fox To Call For Criminal Investigation Into Clinton

Donald Trump had a freak out this morning after watching Sean Hannity on TiVo and used the Fox News program as his basis for demanding a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton.

Trump tweeted:

The reason for this 3 AM Trump outburst is that the President was watching Sean Hannity on his TiVo:

The President Of The United States is demanding a criminal investigation into his opponent from the 2016 election by his attorney general because of something that he saw on Fox News.

That is the true state of the union six months into Donald Trump’s term.

Trump wants a criminal investigation into Clinton so that he can both distract from his own Russia scandal, and he gets the added benefit of being able to “run” against Hillary Clinton again.

Donald Trump is a one trick pony who can’t govern so he is doing everything that he can imagine to the turn the presidency into a political campaign. Trump campaigns against the press. Trump campaigns against Hillary Clinton. Trump campaigns against his fellow Republicans, but the one thing that he doesn’t do is govern and lead the country.

Besides the scandals and conflicts of interest, the biggest problem that Trump has had since coming to the White House is that he has no governing mode. The country is moving forward, and Trump is stuck in 2016, and people like Sean Hannity are enabling this president’s delusional escape from reality.