Trump Is So Depressed That The White House Used The Press Briefing To Read His Fan Mail

The White House has put the press briefings back on camera, and they are using the briefing to boost Trump’s mood by reading his fan mail to reporters.


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The letter that was read out loud from Dylan would have been a much more effective tool to humanize the President if Trump would have answered the questions himself instead of sending his press secretary out to do it in front of the television cameras.

The White House press briefing has been reduced to a forum where Trump gets his fan mail read just so that he can feel loved by America. In the past, the White House has used techniques like this to boost Trump’s mood when he is depressed. In fact, the press briefing was cut short, but Sarah Huckabee Sanders made sure that she had time to read her own bio and Trump’s fan mail.

The letter was not an attempt to humanize Trump. It was a play to the ego of the thin skinned president. The White House has turned the press briefing into a therapy session for the damaged president, as the free press takes a backseat to Trump’s fragile ego.

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