Trump Kicks Transgender Persons Out Of The Military And Becomes The Most Despised President Ever

Trump announced on Wednesday morning that transgender individuals would no longer be allowed to serve in the military. With one swoop, Trump went overwhelmingly against popular opinion and solidified his place as the most out of touch and despised president in history.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s move wasn’t about victory or the military. It was all about throwing his slipping base a bone. Trump is falling faster than a rock in the polls, so he is doing everything that he can to hold on to his declining base of support.
A majority of Americans oppose discriminatory laws such as bathroom bills towards transgender individuals. Trump’s move is a step backward for civil rights, and another effort to erase the progress and achievements of the Obama presidency.

The LGBTQ community warned that Trump would take this type of action if he won the election, and their warnings are being proven correct. Donald Trump isn’t trying to make America great. He is trying to undo progress and take America back to an uglier time.

It won’t work. Progress always wins in the end.