AMA Blasts Senate Republican “Freedom” Skinny Obamacare Repeal Bill As Toxic

The American Medical Association has released a statement calling the Republican Health Care Freedom Act a.k.a. skinny Obamacare repeal toxic to patients.

Here is the statement from the AMA:

This bill is a complete disaster. It is a half-assed poorly written slapped together pile of trash that was designed just to get something through the Senate so that Republicans can claim that they “repealed” Obamacare.

If the bill was any good, it would not have needed to be introduced in the middle of the night.

The AMA is correct. This bill is toxic for patients. It raises premiums and will take health care coverage away from 16 million people who can’t afford to buy it without subsidies, or the Medicaid expansion. There is no freedom in this bill. The Republican legislation shackles the American people to a healthcare system where they will no longer be able to get medical care without fear of massive debt.

The Health Care Freedom Act is a deadly joke that if passed would harm millions of Americans.