Former CIA Dir Says People are Leaking Because of Atmosphere in Trump Administration

Former CIA Director General Michael Hayden said on CNN’s New Day, “I think we’re getting these leaks because of the atmosphere within the administration.”

Hayden said you can declare war on the work force, but that rarely ends well (someone might want to send a note to the Trump administration).

Saying he wasn’t excusing leaks in any way, Hayden said you get leaks when people feel as if they’ve exhausted all means within the government to make their voices heard. “People leak when they’ve lost all alternative. So, my policy at the agency was to simply open up communication with the work force.”

“I think we’re getting these leaks because of the atmosphere in the within the administration itself. If you want to stop the leaks, change the atmosphere.”

Or, as White House Communications Director Scaramucci said on New Day Thursday morning, “The fish leaks from the head.” It’s a wonder he doesn’t put that together to explain to the President, since it means that the problems stem from the leadership and the President is the leader under whom these backstabbing leaks mushroomed out of control.

We await the Trump administration doing the exact opposite of this sage advice.

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