Paul Ryan Just Confirmed That Mitch McConnell Is Lying To Get Obamacare Repeal Passed

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is telling his Republicans to cancel their travel plans, because they may need to stay in DC to pass the Senate’s health care bill. In other words, Mitch McConnell’s promise of a conference was a lie, and the plan is to take coverage away from 16 million Americans.

Paul Ryan sent out this schedule alert:

If the bill were going to conference to be negotiated, the House members would not need to stay in town. What is happening is that Ryan is going to try to immediately pass, maybe as soon as this weekend, any legislation that gets through the Senate.

The promises of conferences and final bills were lies. The skinny Obamacare repeal bill that takes coverage away from 16 million and raises premiums by 20% is the real bill.

Any Republican who votes for this bill based on McConnell’s promise of a conference is getting taken for a ride. There will be no conference. A vote for this bill is a vote that will be hung around Republican necks forever.

Only a fool would believe Mitch McConnell. The real story can found in Ryan’s scheduling alert to the House.

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