Paul Ryan Is Plotting To Stab 16 Million Americans In The Back By Taking Away Their Healthcare

A statement from Paul Ryan and the actions of the House Rules Committee have made it clear that Speaker Ryan is gearing up to take away insurance from 16 million Americans before next Tuesday.

After Republican Senators asked for assurances that Speaker Paul Ryan and the House Republicans would not pass the “skinny” Obamacare repeal bill, Ryan issued a statement that gave no assurances while the House Rules Committee passed Martial Law which gives the majority the ability to bypass normal procedure and enact the Senate health care bill.

Here is the statement that Ryan issued, “It is now obvious that the only path ahead is for the Senate to pass the narrow legislation that it is currently considering. This package includes important reforms like eliminating the job-killing employer mandate and the requirement that forces people to purchase coverage they don’t want. Still it is not enough to solve the many failures of Obamacare. Senators have made clear that this is an effort to keep the process alive, not to make law. If moving forward requires a conference committee, that is something the House is willing to do. The reality, however, is that repealing and replacing Obamacare still ultimately requires the Senate to produce 51 votes for an actual plan. The House remains committed to finding a solution and working with our Senate colleagues, but the burden remains on the Senate to demonstrate that it is capable of passing something that keeps our promise, as the House has already done. Until the Senate can do that, we will never be able to develop a conference report that becomes law. We expect the Senate to act first on whatever the conference committee produces. Obamacare is collapsing and hurting American families. We have to keep working at this until we get the job done.”

Meanwhile, the House Rules Committee has sped up the process for enacting any Senate passed bill:

The game plan for Ryan, McConnell, and Trump is to promise the Senators a conference, and then after they vote yes, hold a short conference, proclaim that it produced no results, and pass the Senate bill. The other option for Ryan is to simply pass the Senate bill if it gets to the House.

Republicans are gearing up to take health insurance away from 16 million Americans, and raise everyone’s premiums by 20%.

This is the real deal, and the Senate is one vote away from it becoming a reality.

If you care about health care, call your Senators right now.