Trump Goes Full Blown Crazy And Plans To Declare War On GOP Congress After Priebus Firing

The failure of Senate Republicans to pass Obamacare repeal led to Trump firing Reince Priebus and launching his plan to declare war on the Republican majority in the House and Senate.

CNBC’s John Harwood has the details:

This is a horrible idea on numerous levels. The Republican majority in Congress is the only thing that is standing between Trump and impeachment. If Trump goes after Ryan and McConnell, there is nothing stopping them from going full blast on the Russia investigation. The Republicans in Congress also control the fate of Trump’s entire agenda. Trump will not be able to get any legislation passed if he goes to war with his own party. Republicans also control the purse strings. It’s the Republicans in Congress who appropriate the money for everything from Trump’s travel to his dream of a border wall. If Trump picks a fight with them, it could turn ugly fast.

The whole war with Republicans in Congress idea has arrived because Trump is mad that Republicans didn’t repeal Obamacare.

What the Trump White House is planning on doing is nuts, and will leave Trump as president on a political island by himself and destined to continue to fail.