After Obamacare Defeat Trump Proves He’s Out Of It And Has No Idea What Is Going On Around Him

Trump didn’t get enough of a handicap with a bill written in the dark and not shared with the public or the senators not sharing it until mere hours before the vote. Even with all of this, he still couldn’t manage a win.

President Trump can’t win playing by the rules, so he wants the rules changed to accommodate his snowflake ego, so he can get the participation trophy he so craves.

Trump demanded this change in the wake of Thursday’s failure to repeal Obamacare:

It took him 14 minutes to realize that the Senate was using the 51 vote rule last night, so that whine was kinda irrelevant. But still, boo:

This is the third time in six months that Donald Trump has failed to understand that the Republicans are already using a majority of 50 votes try to pass legislation.

The fact that Trump is out of tune with the policies that he is claiming to want to pass suggests a president that has ceded so much control to the Legislative Branch that he has no idea what is going on around him. Trump appears to lack the intellectual curiosity and speed to keep up with the presidency.

Donald Trump doesn’t know how the Senate works, or what is even going on.

The President is out of it, and the country has no leadership because the lights are on, but Trump is not home.