Dem Congressman Slams Trump’s Epically Awful Week: ‘You Really Gotta Try To Be That Bad’

The last week has been one of Donald Trump’s worst so far, though there haven’t been many good ones, and one Democratic congressman actually gave the president a backhanded compliment for pulling it off.

Of the president’s disastrous week, California Rep. Ted Lieu said, “You really gotta try to be that bad.”


First, Lieu weighed in on Trump’s “disturbing” endorsement of police brutality:

“It is highly disturbing that Donald Trump is encouraging police brutality. As a former prosecutor, he’s basically asking police officers to violate the law. Police officers took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. If they listen to the president, not only are they going to be violating the law, they’re going to be subjecting themselves to discipline and their cities and counties to massive lawsuits.”

Then the California congressman summed up Trump’s entire week perfectly, touching not just on his police brutality comments, but also his troubling speech to boy scouts and his tweets about transgender soldiers.

“Let me say, in one week, Donald Trump got rebuked by the boy scouts, by the Pentagon, by the International Association of Police Chiefs – you really gotta try to be that bad.”

It’s no question that the first six months of Trump’s presidency have been an unmitigated disaster defined by scandal, incompetence, and an inability to pass a single substantive piece of legislation to better the lives of the American people, especially the voters who helped propel Trump’s electoral victory last year.

But during weeks like this when there is a perfect storm of screw-ups, as Lieu noted, you have to think the president is trying to fail miserably.