House Republican Lays Waste To Trump For Failing So Miserably On Health Care

As Donald Trump took to Twitter on Saturday morning to point fingers at members of his own party for failing to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, one Republican in the House of Representatives is pointing the finger right back at the White House.

Moderate congressman Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania told the Associated Press that the Republican health bills failed because Trump is a bad salesman.

“One of the failures was the president never laid out a plan or his core principles and never sold them to the American people,” Dent said.

The GOP congressman added that Trump just “outsourced the whole issue to Congress” to take care of.

While Dent is correct that the president did a poor job ushering an Obamacare repeal through Congress, it’s unclear that the effort would have fared much better if Trump had his tiny hands on it.

After all, this is a White House mired in scandal, incompetence, and chaos. Every time Trump opens his mouth, it only demonstrates how unfit he is to hold the highest office in the world.

That goes without mentioning his historically low approval ratings. According to RealClearPolitics, Trump’s average approval rating stands at 39.7 percent – a complete disaster for any president, much less one that took office just six months ago.

If Trump had been more involved and more vocal, chances are Republicans would have come further from achieving their repeal goal than they ended up coming.

Most of the American people didn’t vote for Trump, and some who did are starting to see what a mistake it was. Putting this president’s fingerprints on anything might have killed the GOP health care effort faster.

Trump’s decision to take a distant approach to the health care battle was a gift to Republicans, and they failed to take advantage of it.