Trump Threatens To Hit Americans With Higher Health Care Costs In Another Twitter Meltdown

After failing to usher repeal and replace legislation through Congress, Donald Trump is having a hard time staying off Twitter.

As Jason Easley wrote earlier, the president took to social media this morning to rage over the health care loss and attack Republican members of Congress for not getting it done.

Just hours later, Trump was back at it again, repeating the lie that the Affordable Care Act is “imploding” and issuing a threat to end payments that keep health care costs down.


The child in the Oval Office may be lashing out over his massive failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act with total Republican control of the government, but the truth is the truth.

Obamacare is not imploding – in fact, just the opposite is true.

As the New York Times Editorial Board wrote earlier this month, “The biggest lie that President Trump and other Republican leaders have been repeating about the Affordable Care Act for years is that it is collapsing, imploding or exploding. The truth is that the law is actually working reasonably well, and even the part that has shown the most weakness — the health insurance marketplaces — has been stabilizing.”

The law has helped more than 20 million Americans get health insurance and most of those people have been satisfied with the health plans they’ve been able to get.

Trump’s threat to end “bailouts” for insurance companies – which are actually called Cost Sharing Reduction payments – would also be devastating to the current health care system. As The Hill noted on Saturday, those payments “lower the amount individuals have to pay for deductibles, copayments and insurance.”

The angry child in the White House continues to lash out at members of Congress, undermine the current health care system and lie about his own health care proposal – all because he can’t handle the fact that he was dealt a devastating blow in Congress and the American people simply aren’t buying what he’s selling.