An Unhinged Trump Touts Fake Fox News Story And Claims Russia Was Against Him In 2016

Here’s more evidence that Donald Trump is nothing more than a low information Fox News viewer. Trump used a Fox and Friends story as proof that Russia was really against him during the 2016 election.

Trump tweeted:

This whole Russia didn’t really want me to win thing that Trump is doing is getting sad, but a deeper look reveals a troubling pattern. Donald Trump has chosen to believe a propaganda program on Fox News over the intelligence community and the United States government that he is supposed to be running.

At some level, Trump has convinced himself that the Russia scandal is a conspiracy and that Putin never wanted him to win.

Each Trump tweet that denies reality is evidence that this president is not mentally well. What Trump is doing isn’t political spin. It is personal delusion. There is not a bigger believer in Trump lies than the man himself.

Russia wanted Trump to win. The evidence is obvious and everywhere. Putin was working to elect Trump. The President knows this at some level because he has slipped up in the past and admitted to knowledge of the Russia scandal. The odds are that this president knew what his campaign was doing with Russia, but he has convinced himself that the investigation is a plot to get him.

Trump lives in a fake news bubble managed by his friends at Fox News, and the media bubble the president is living in is only making his detachment from reality worse.